Cornelia Ebert, Goethe University Frankfurt
Markus Steinbach, University of Göttingen

Central Project ViCom

raquelvsa /
sunfun /

Federica Amici, University of Leipzig
Linda Oña, MPI for Human Development Berlin
Katja Liebal, University of Leipzig

Compositional structures in chimpanzee gestural communication

Rudy Balasko /
Sven Hansche /

Mailin Ines Antomo, University of Göttingen

Lying, deceiving, misleading: are we committed to our gestures?

hecke61 /

Nadine Bade, University of Potsdam

Pragmatic reasoning with (non-)visual alternatives

eugen_z /

Anastasia Bauer, University of Cologne

Gestures or signs? Comparing manual and non-manual constructions sharing the same form in co-speech gesture and sign language: a corpus-driven approach. (GeSi)

Chris Dudek /

Aleksandra Ćwiek, ZAS Berlin
Susanne Fuchs, ZAS Berlin
Wim Pouw, Donders Institute and MPI for Psycholinguistics Nijmegen

On the FLExibility and Stability of gesture-speecH coordination (FLESH): Evidence from production, comprehension, and imitation

Holger Boehm /
Christian Mueller /

Cornelia Ebert, Goethe University Frankfurt
Stefan Hinterwimmer, University of Wuppertal

Visual and non-visual means of perspective taking in language

f11photo /
mitifoto /

Patrick Georg Grosz, University of Oslo
Tatjana Scheffler, University of Bochum

Semantics and Pragmatics of Emojis in Digital Communication (EmDiCom)

trabantos /
Pottpix /

Oliver Herbort, University of Würzburg

Representation of Pointing Uncertainty for the Integration of Pointing Gestures and Speech

Jan Hendrik /

Annika Herrmann, University of Hamburg
Natalia Filatkina, University of Hamburg

Iconic metaphors and the gesture-sign interface in German Sign Language – corpus data meet experiments (IMaGeS)

canadastock /

Frank Kügler, Goethe University Frankfurt
Pilar Prieto, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona

Co-speech gestures and prosody as multimodal markers of information structure

Rudy Balasko /
Georgios Tsichlis /

Silva Ladewig, University of Göttingen

Processes of stabilization in gestures. A media-specific and cross-modal approach

sunfun /

Jens Lemanski, WWU Münster/University of Hagen
Andrea Reichenberger, University of Siegen

Gestures and Diagrams in Visual-Spatial Communication: Methodological Tools and Applications in Mathematics and Logic

Tobias Arhelger /
Sina Ettmer Photography /
Philip Lange /

Cornelia Loos, University of Hamburg

Exploring the limits of simultaneity: Encoding caused change-of-state events with classifier constructions in German Sign Language (DGS)

powell’sPoint /

Andy Lücking, Goethe University Frankfurt
Alexander Mehler, Goethe University Frankfurt

Virtual Reality Sustained Multimodal Distributional Semantics for Gestures in Dialogue (GeMDiS)

Sina Ettmer Photography /

Thomas Finkbeiner, University of Göttingen
Nina-Kristin Meister, University of Göttingen
Markus Steinbach, University of Göttingen
Emiliano Zaccarella, MPI for Human
Cognitive & Brain Sciences Leipzig

Parts of speech and iconicity in German Sign Language (DGS)

ON-Photography Germany /
Sergey Dzyuba /

Pamela Perniss, University of Cologne
Petra Schumacher, University of Cologne

The Gesture-to-Sign Trajectory: Phonological Parameters in Production and Real-Time Comprehension

Majonit /

Simone Schaeffner, University of Würzburg
Carina Lüke, University of Würzburg

Modality-Specific Effects on Language Processing in Children with Developmental Language Disorder

cge2010 /

Martin Schulte-Rüther, University Medical Center Göttingen

Multimodal assessment of dyadic interaction in disorders of social interaction

Nicolette_Wollentin /

Stefan R. Schweinberger, University of Jena
Christian Dobel, Jena University Hospital
Volker Gast, University of Jena

Audiovisual Perception of Emotion and Speech in Hearing Individuals and Cochlear Implant Users

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