HCI International 2023 Session: “Semantic, Artificial and Computational Interaction Studies: Towards a Behavioromics of Multimodal Communication”

25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
(23-28 July 2023)

Semantic, Artificial and Computational Interaction Studies: Towards a Behavioromics of Multimodal Communication

Call for papers
Manual gestures, facial expressions, head movements, shrugs, laughter, body orientation, speech, pauses: they all contribute to constituting what is called “multimodal interaction”. Aiming at natural (for humans) interfaces, the field of HCI paid attention to this social fact early on. It is also a vital topic in conversation analysis and cognitive science and begins to percolate to theoretical linguistics and (formal) semantics. Simultaneously, due to the digital turn, work on multimodal communication is expanded by data analytics, that is, statistical means to describe the form of communication. However, while conjoint in investigating a common empirical domain, there is little exchange between these fields. This session aims at bringing these branches together. Potential goals are to delineate experimental studies, computational methods, resource building, and exploration to integrate symbolic, statistical, laboratory, field, and corpus-based approaches — a joint methodological endeavor that might be called “behavioromics.” The session is open, but not restrcted, to topics such as the following:

  • dialogue semantics and dialogue systems
  • (big) gesture data
  • multimodal interaction data
  • creation and exploitation of multimodal corpora
  • virtual reality avatars as experimental setting
  • cross-modal tracking
  • data-based multimodal analysis
  • detecting multimodal ensembles or gestalts
  • automatic annotation of everything beyond written text
  • representation schemes for multimodal communication

We want to emphasize that conceptual contributions are highly welcome!

The conference session aims at providing a platform for bringing together semanticists, computer scientists and researchers from related fields that deal with multimodal interaction. We all work on virtually the same topic but from different angles, but there are way to few opportunities to get in touch. But exchange and seeing what others are doing is crucial to approach the above-outlined, methodological, empirical and theoretical challenges.

The conference session will take place virtually in conjunction with HCI International 2023.

Full papers will be published as part of the conference proceedings by Springer.

If you want to contribute, please send a message to Andy Lücking (luecking@em.uni-frankfurt.de).

Session organizers
Cornelia Ebert
Andy Lücking
Alexander Mehler

Important dates

December 04, 2022upload abstract
December 20, 2022notification of review outcome
February 14, 2023full paper is due
July 23-28, 2023HCI International conference (virtual)

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