Statistics Workshop with Bodo Winter

The Bayesian Statistics Workshop took place at the Goethe University Frankfurt from August 21 to 23 -and we were very happy to have Bodo Winter to guide us with his expertise and introduce us to the world of Bayesian statistics in a fresh and exciting way.

Day 1 focused on efficient data processing, clean coding, tidy verse and ggplot2 – just to get things going. The participants spent most of the day processing a dataset on how gesture rates vary as a function of social context, which was not only thematically exciting for the participants, but also led to the first beautiful plot. 

After the first day, the group went to a traditional Hessian apple wine pub for food and drinks.  

On day 2, the participants delved deeper into statistical modelling from a Bayesian perspective with a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises. Participants learned about and discussed different distributions, their parameters and how they can be used to model linguistic data. Finally, they learned the basics of Bayesian analysis with brms in R.  

On day 3, participants moved on to more complex models, including various generalised linear models and mixed models. 

Thanks to all participants for a great workshop! We had a lot of fun!

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