Training, methods and mentoring workshops

With this tool, ViCom members – primarily PhD and PostDocs – can inform the steering committee of training, methods and mentoring workshops they would like to attend: Please tell us which topics you would like to see that enable you to carry out your ViCom research more efficiently. Please check the topics already entered into the table below for some examples of what we have in mind. Please note also that these workshops are not to be confused with the workshops used for presenting scientific results (!) that we have also issued a call for via email.

In the table you find on this page, you have two options to choose workshops:

a) You can propose one workshop topic, and
b) you can support workshop topics made by others.

We chose this setup to insure two things: Firstly, that people do not propose topics that are maybe too specialized, and thus of interest only to very few people. So, the workshop topic you propose should be one that you think is helpful to you – and that other ViCom members can support as well. Choose your (a)-proposals wisely in this sense!

Secondly, you can support as many other topics as you like as (b)-type proposals. In this way, we want to see which proposed workshop topics will be most beneficial to as many ViCom members as possible.