Seminar Visual Communication Summer Term 2023

There will be a closing workshop on July 14, 2023! More information here.

In the summer term of 2023, there will be a seminar Visual Communication in cooperation of the Goethe-University Frankfurt (Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert), the University of Göttingen (Prof. Dr. Markus Steinbach) and the University of Wuppertal (Prof. Dr. Stefan Hinterwimmer).
The seminar investigates the special features and linguistic significance of visual communication. This comprises sign languages as fully developed natural languages which exclusively rely on the visual channel for communication, but also visual means that enhance spoken language such as gestures or written language such as emojis. Recent research on sign language and co-speech gestures in spoken languages shows that the visual-gestural modality provides direct insights into the semantic and pragmatic structure of utterances. In addition, iconic aspects of language play a central role in the evolution and constitution of meanings in sign language and co-speech gestures.

In this seminar, we will discuss selected formal analyses of gesture semantics, sign languages, and the semantic contribution of emojis. The focus will be on topics such as iconicity, demonstration, perspective, emojis, co-speech gestures, and sign languages.

Some external guests will give virtual lectures on some of the above mentioned topics and thus discuss their current research with the audiences in Frankfurt, Göttingen and Wuppertal in a hybrid event.

At the end of the semester, a closing workshop at Goethe University in a hybrid format is planned, where participants and invited researchers present their work, either in presence or via zoom/gathertown.

When? April 13 – July 14, 2023
Where? University of Frankfurt / Göttingen / Wuppertal; online participation via zoom possible

If you wish to participate, please contact Cornelia Ebert <>

Preliminary Course Schedule

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