People (new draft)


Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert

Goethe University Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. Markus Steinbach

University of Göttingen

(Program Manager)


Dr. Susanne Fuchs
(Coordinator ViCom Data Network)

Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft Berlin

Dr. Aleksandra Ćwiek
(Coordinator ViCom Data Network)

Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft Berlin

Dr. Wim Pouw
(Coordinator ViCom Data Network)

Donders Institute & MPI for Psycholinguistics Nijmegen

Elke Höhe-Kupfer

Goethe University Frankfurt

Kim Tien Nguyen
(Student Assistant)

Goethe University Frankfurt

Lennart Fritzsche
(Student Assistant)

Goethe University Frankfurt

Theresa Stender
(Student Assistant)

Humboldt University Berlin


Compositional Structures in Chimpanzee
Gestural Communication

Lying, deceiving, misleading: are we committed to
our gestures?

Pragmatic Reasoning with (Non-)visual Alternatives

Gestures or Signs?
Comparing Manual and Non-manual Constructions
Sharing the Same Form in Co-speech Gesture and
Sign Language: a Corpus-driven Approach. (GeSi)

On the FLExibility and Stability of gesture-speecH
coordination: Evidence from production,
comprehension, and imitation

Visual and Non-visual Means of Perspective Taking
in Language

Semantics and Pragmatics of Emojis in
Digital Communication

Representation of Pointing Uncertainty for the
Integration of Pointing Gestures and Speech

Iconic Metaphors and the Gesture-Sign Interface in
German Sign Language – Corpus Data Meet Experiments

Co-speech Gestures and Prosody as Multimodal Markers
of Information Structure

Processes of Stabilization in Gestures. A Media-specific
and Cross-modal Approach

Gestures and Diagrams in Visual-Spatial Communication:
Methodological Tools and Applications in Mathematics
and Logic

Exploring the limits of simultaneity: Encoding caused
change-of-state events with classifier constructions in
German Sign Language (DGS)

Virtual Reality Sustained Multimodal Distributional
Semantics for Gestures in Dialogue

Parts of Speech and Iconicity in German Sign Language

The Gesture-to-Sign Trajectory: Phonological Parameters
in Production and Real-Time Comprehension

Modality-Specific Effects on Language Processing in
Children with Developmental Language Disorder

Multimodal Assessment of Dyadic Interaction in
Disorders of Social Interaction

Audiovisual Perception of Emotion and Speech in
Hearing Individuals and Cochlear Implant Users