Data network’s second survey

ViCom is planning to collaborate with a data center within the Text+ consortium of the NFDI to build a central repository for ViCom research data.

  • NFDI: German National Research Data Infrastructure that aims to create a permanent digital repository of research data in all of Germany. The NDFI consists of various consortia that are responsible for research data across different disciplines.
  • Text+ consortium: Its mission is to preserve text- and language-based research data (also multimodal data) in the long term and enable their broad use in science. It works with a number of data centers in Germany, each specializing in archiving specific forms/ themes of text- and language-based research data.
  • Text+ Langzeitarchiv: A data center developed by the GWDG Göttingen and set to be started around the end of 2023. Its advantages:
    — a long-term archive that can also function as a (simple, functional) repository
    — uncomplicated archiving, no restrictions on data formats
    — bitstream preservation, PIDs
    — Both open and protected archive areas
    — operable via a REST API as well as via a simple web-based GUI with convenient options for uploading, assigning metadata, searching & download

Based on the data network’s first dataset and your feedback on it, we have come up with the following < general metadata structure for all ViCom datasets and their respective folder structure within ViCom’s central repository >.